This article is part of a series covering the timeline of events from high school through your first year of university.

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After graduation

  • Register for your courses as early as possible. If you aren’t sure what courses to take or how the university timetable works, you should contact an academic advisor or the registrar’s office (the contact information will be on the university’s website) and they can help you start the process.
  • Go to a summer open house (if there is one) or book a final campus tour at the university you’ll be attending. This will help you get comfortable with your surroundings, let you see your residence room (if you’re living on campus), meet some of your professors, and give you  a chance to buy some university-branded swag.


  • Double-check your degree requirements and course registrations to make sure you’ve got everything in place. You can get this information off the university’s website or make an appointment with one of the school’s academic advisors who can answer your questions.
  • If you’ll be living on campus, get a list of what’s already included in your residence room. Make sure you know what’s allowed and what isn’t, and make sure you don’t forget the small-but-important things like:
    • door-stoppers
    • clothes hangers
    • bed risers
    • ethernet cable
    • shower caddy
  • Check with your school’s students’ union for details on frosh/orientation week. Some schools need you to pay in advance to attend events.
  • If you haven’t visited the campus yet, try to book a tour to get familiar with your new home.