This article is part of a series covering the timeline of events from high school through your first year of university.

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How to approach university before Grade 12

  • It might seem early for you to decide about the rest of your life, but it’s never a bad idea to sit down with your school’s guidance counsellor and have a chat.
  • Figure out what you’re passionate about, both in and out of school. Those are the things that can bring you to a university program that you’ll enjoy.
  • Consider the courses you will have to take in order to get into university programs you might apply to — but try to leave your options open. That could mean taking fewer open courses and more academic courses.
  • Your guidance counsellor can explain what different universities require to get into their programs. If you know this early on, you can be more confident in your course choices.

Tip: Math courses can open up more paths to you in university. Even some arts programs (such as economics and psychology) require you to have at least a Grade 11 academic math credit. Having some math experience under your belt can save you time and money in the future and give you more flexibility.

Your Grade 11 year

  • If you haven’t already, speak with your guidance counsellor to make sure the courses you choose for Grade 12 are the right ones for the university programs you’re interested in.
  • Remember if you want to apply to a science or professional program — or even certain arts programs — that a math course will probably be required. Sometimes you will need a science course too, so ask your guidance counsellor if you’re not sure you have everything covered.

Summer before Grade 12

  • Take some time to book campus tours at different universities to get a feel for their programs, the environment, and the people.